A Revolutionary World Water Day – FAME 2022 Opening Session and Press Conference

Each year on March 22nd the world turns their gaze to water, celebrating World Water Day. But for those suffering the daily injustices and indignities of life without access to the water they need to survive, to grow food, to exercise agency in all aspects of daily life, every day is water day. This year as global water governance institutions, states and private water companies gather for the 2022 World Water Forum outside Dakar in the gleaming new city of Diamniadio–with its posh hotels, private roads and white elephant stadiums–far from the working class multitudes of Dakar who continue to struggle with a failing privatization run by the French water multinational SUEZ, these injustices are made even starker.

On World Water Day 2022, and in the shadow of these injustices and in struggle against those who put water for profit before life, The Alternative World Water Forum – Forum Alternatif Mondial de L’Eau #FAME2022 will host its Opening Session and Press Conference. Please join us online!

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