The objective of the Alternative World Water Forum (AWWF) – in French, Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’Eau (FAME) – is to create a concrete alternative to the World Water Forum (WWF) which is organized by the World Water Council. This Council is a mouthpiece for transnational companies and the World Bank and they falsely claim to head the global governance of water.

For several years, different civil society movements have fought side by side for water conservation and citizen management of water. Activists have created platforms, propositions and campaigns from the Alternative Forum in Florence in 2003, to the 2009 Alternative Forum in Istanbul, to the 2012 Alternative Forum in Marseille, to the 2018 Alternative Forum in Brasília and within World Social Forums such as those in Porto Alegre, Caracas, Nairobi, Belem, Tunis and Montreal. These gatherings helped solidify the movement to reappropriate water, a communal resource which belongs to all of humanity.

From March 21 to 26, 2022, the Alternative World Water Forum (FAME or Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’Eau) will be held in Dakar, Senegal. This event is being organized by movements, trade unions, NGOs, citizens and elected representatives from all over the world.

A forum about activism and solidarity

The FAME will be a meeting place for all people who are fighting for water: against the appropriation of land and water, against the development of shale gas, which pollutes underground aquifers and rivers; against the privatization of water by multinationals, more or less all over the world…

This will be a chance to look towards Africa and the Mediterranean and meet up again with rural associations and women’s organizations who attended previous forums in Dakar.

A forum about sharing experiences and alternatives

FAME will focus particularly on illustrating the mobilization of citizen movements and civil society associations, the global remunicipalisation movement of water, the ongoing expansion of public-public partnerships and the practical proposals for ensuring access to water and food security for rural populations. With numerous first-hand accounts from associations, experts in the field, and elected representatives from all over the world…