Fatima M’bengue, Local Coordinator – Senegal

Fatima M’bengue is a Dakar-born, Senegalese Pan-African activist. She is actively involved in anti-imperialist and alter-globalization struggles in her native country through her involvement in the social movement networks Y’en a marre, Non aux APE, and the Front pour une Révolution Anti-Impérialiste, Populaire et Panafricaine (FRAPP). She holds a master’s degree in social marketing from the l’Institut Supérieur des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication (ISSIC). Previously, she worked at the ’Association Sénégalaise pour le Bien Etre Familial (ASBEF) where she was responsible for the organization’s programme on reproductive health. As a coordinator of the Senagalese Alternative World Water Forum, she is committed to uniting rural communities, workers and diverse Senegalese popular movements in the opposition to water grabs in Senegal and around the world.


Leonard Shang-Quartey, Regional Coordinator – Africa

Leonard Shang-Quartey is based in Ghana and has a long history of activism for universal access to basic social services, particularly for the human right to water. He has worked with several human right to basic social services advocacy networks nationally and regionally. He is a Policy Analyst (Water/Health) with the Integrated Social Development Center and Coordinator of the Water Citizens Network. Leonard is an alumnus of the International Institute of Social Studies and holds a master’s degree in Governance, Policy and Political Economy.